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Scarlett Lux Orion || 7th year || Slytherin || Beater || Pansexual || Pureblood || FC: Lucy Hale || Taken

Scarlett, or Lux as she prefers to be called and even Scar, if she’s particularly close to you grew up in a fairly strict home. Growing up she always listened to her parents and always obeyed what they said, but the more she grew at Hogwarts the more she realized what her parents taught her was mostly crap. She grew up being friends with Theo Craftsman and they are still best friends to this day. She is beater for Slytherin quidditch team which gives advantage because they don’t expect her to have such a strong hit. She loves being a Slytherin, even if her parents put too much pressure on her for it.

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~RP Group, based in the Marauders era~

Welcome to Hogwarts. The term has just begun and children have their spirits high. The year looks like a promising one. With a school full of new faces who knows how things will turn out. Who will take the House Cup this year? Only you can determine the outcome.

(We have many open faces with backgrounds. Also, we accept OC’s and take FC requests.)


Admin Note:

RP has just opened and we are in dire need of students. Players create their own characters using the application form which can be found on the submitpage. Our group is determined to make this the most realistic Hogwarts RP. For your benefit we have created blogs off of the main group that will put you into “Common Rooms” where your character can talk with their house mates in secrecy away from the other houses. Become part of the experience; play for your houses team and fall in love with the other students. Who knows how this year will turn out. Only you can determine the outcome.

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